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A word of caution for your grandmothers around finals time

Hey college and graduate students! Finals are fast approaching. And I have a word of warning for your grandmothers. Tell them to take care. Did you know that there is a sudden increase of deaths among students’ relatives at the end of the semester? After years of observation, many professors will attest to this. One professor said that in an average semester, ...

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Feeling exhausted today?

I am tired. For the past three months I have been working towards the goal of putting our house on the market, and I am finally there. After all the repairs and staging over these months, today I scrubbed the house up and down so the realtor could take photos and post them online. By tomorrow morning people will have the chance to see and buy. Selling our ...

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Create a personal growth plan

Everyone has a sphere of influence. All of us are leaders – or, at least, potential leaders. Here is a key to becoming a better leader: leading others well begins with leading yourself well.   How do you lead yourself? You make it a priority to continue growing. Recently I heard a speaker give his thoughts on this topic, and he said he learned all ...

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Grocery Grace

At many grocery stores in America, there are a multitude of lines in which you can check out and pay for your items. A few of those lines are the “speedy lanes”. You may only use those lanes if you are buying less than the prescribed amount of items. The sign above the lane usually says “15 item limit” or “10 items or fewer” or “20 items or less”. ...

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To make Halloween more fun … require dancing

This tip for Halloween will have to be stored in your memory for next year. When handing out candy to children who are trick-or-treating, tell them they must dance before they get the sweets. Their reactions are hilarious! My husband had this bright idea, and he pulled out his iphone to play some bouncy music as the kids approached. We stood outside to make ...

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