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No one should eat alone on Sundays

 It's not fun to eat alone. When I went to college, I moved far from home to a school where I knew no one. Freshmen were required to buy a cafeteria meal plan, and I made a personal vow: Never eat alone. The result was that I had to be bold. If my classmates or roommate didn't eat with me, that meant I had to take my tray and approach someone at a table. ...

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Tips for selling your house

Want to know what it takes to sell your house the first day it goes on the market? Would it thrill you to get three offers on that first day? How would you feel if two of those offers were with cash? And if one of those cash offers said they would forego getting an inspection done on the house ... they wanted it that much? I wish I could tell you. Really, I wish I ...

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“Surrender” – a Poem

Surrender! The pirate God yells To frantic meOn my little canoeWith nothing but closed fists for protectionAgainst the towering boat above.My hopes to reach my dreams, An island paradise, dashedWith my boat sinking, insufficient to get me thereSinking from every self-doubt I poked through it Surrender!He calls againLooking all fierce and untameBut what if he ...

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A Hallelujah sermon

We must join in the praise of God. When I read Psalm 148, that's the main message I hear, and so that is what I talked about for my sermon at Grace Baptist Church in Round Rock, Texas. My good friend, Aurelia Pratt, is one of the pastors at Grace, and she invited me to preach at her church the Sunday after Christmas. I felt honored to be given the opportunity. ...

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Poetry reading circle

My experience in English class in high school made me wary of poetry. We had to study poetry in order to take the AP English exam, and the way we talked about it in class confounded me.  Basically, we read old poetry that didn't make a lot of sense to me and we were required to write essays about the meaning of it. The kicker was that the student who came up ...

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