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Green Smoothies – the why and the what

I drink green smoothies. Everyday or every other day, you can bet that I’m throwing a ton of vegetables into a blender and whipping up a green concoction. People usually wrinkle their noses at me when they see it. I’ll be honest. I drink them because they’re good for me. Not because they taste wonderful. But they’re not all bad. You get used to ...

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What it takes to be a hot dog

I moved to Austin and two weeks later it was SXSW. * SXSW? Don't know what South by Southwest is? Also known as "South by" for those who don't want to finish saying the long name, it is a music festival, film festival, and interactive festival all wrapped up into a two-week experience that draws thousands to Austin every year. You can read about it on Wikipedia ...

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Recipes for a fancy meal … Lamb with a side of Brussel Sprouts, Bacon, and Apples

Phuc and Paula Luu know how to host a dinner party. They have made it onto my blog several times for their delicious food and fun times. The following is part of a dinner menu that is definitely worth sharing. The lamb recipe is simple and tasty - and it impresses guests! The side dish was also a fantastic combination that I would never have thought to try. Phuc let ...

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Photo shoot in Austin – Ron Parks Photography

You have to love Groupon. I do. I get on Groupon's website, and not only do I find excellent deals, I also find a multitude of ideas for dates and outings with friends. Kayaking trip? Yes, please! Painting with a Twist discount? Fun! There are also a bunch of practical services offered for a discount on Groupon. This weekend I hired a company to unload my boxes ...

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