A busy most wonderful time of the year

Posted on December 17, 2013

Transitions are a whirlwind. In the last month, I have learned, seen, and experienced an overwhelming number of things that I want to share here on this blog. But as you well know, the experiencing of so much sometimes prevents the sharing of it.

Do your relationships suffer when life gets hectic?

When life gets chaotic, writing gets tossed to the wayside for me, but friendships also are often put on the back burner. For others, it’s certain important personal disciplines that are put on temporary hold – like exercising or eating well or sleeping enough.

It is December. It’s the “most wonderful time of the year” and it’s also a month that is notorious for making people busy. When the demands stack up, something has to give. There are no more hours to a day in December than September. In fact, the days feel shorter because it gets dark so early.

When I am stressed, I get tunnel vision. Taking care of the work and making it to the deadline is all that matters to me. Life will be so much better when in get over this hump, I think. Then I can go back to attending to these other things I care about.

Sometimes those “other things” that are set aside are the very things we need to sustain us through the stressful time. For example, eating healthy foods instead of driving through to get fast food – or, if you are me, eating a box of animal crackers for lunch – will keep you feeling well as you squeeze all you can out of the day. Getting enough sleep gives us clarity of mind when we are being tested. Talking with friends serves as a stress-reliever. Going to church reminds us of what is actually important in life so we waste less time doing the unnecessary things. Praying gets us connected to the life-giving God, who holds all things together in the world.

I hope that this holiday month and whatever transitions you might be going through are not holding you back from finding peace.  Two days ago I turned in my very last assignment for my Masters degree. This Friday, I graduate. I made it over the hump … without neglecting too much in my life except for this blog. And Christmas shopping. I haven’t done that yet…

As a preview, here are some of the things I have experienced and learned this past month that will be featured in upcoming blog posts:

  • Getting three offers on our house the first day on the market, and how we chose which person to sell it to
  • The decision to pack all our belongings in a portable container and the options people have for storage
  • Recipe and pictures for cooking crab legs in Cantonese style
  • Visiting a kinesiologist and what I learned there
  • What I learned about Elizabeth in the Bible and what it was like to preach at Truett seminary
  • My good friend’s ordination for ministry and what it means to be ordained
  • Some thoughts on a few really good books I read this semester
  • What gluten is and why I am trying to go gluten-free for a while
  • Running in the Spartan Beast race, a 13+mile obstacle course from hell

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