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Tour of a Thrifty, Whimsical Home

My friends Molly and Patrick Lockwood are the epitome of thrift. They are Christian musicians who reside in Nashville. For the past four years they lived "in community" - in a large 2,500 square-foot house with anywhere from six to eleven total people. This economical way of living taught them many lessons about patience and kindness and cooperation. Fifteen ...

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Poetry reading circle

My experience in English class in high school made me wary of poetry. We had to study poetry in order to take the AP English exam, and the way we talked about it in class confounded me.  Basically, we read old poetry that didn't make a lot of sense to me and we were required to write essays about the meaning of it. The kicker was that the student who came up ...

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Idea Camp – Human Care

I spent the weekend at Idea Camp in Austin, Texas. I was not sure what I was getting into by attending this conference-but-not-a-conference event. I just knew there would be a lot of people who work in nonprofits and ministries that do social justice service in the world. I knew by going I would be inspired by them and maybe gain an idea or two. It’s called Idea ...

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Recipe for Porcupine Meatballs

Porcupine meatballs are a simple, tasty, and filling dish. They are excellent for freezing for later. And they are great if you’ve got a family to feed and you’re on a tight budget. This was a favored dish of my husband when he was growing up. My mother-in-law decided that since I am living near her now I should learn some of her tried-an-true recipes. I’m ...

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Making movies – Video Tape Terror

Hidden talents. It’s a good conversation question: What is your hidden talent? Most people do not know what to say. I make great oatmeal-raisin cookies. Or I can hold my breath under water for a long time. Those are actually pretty cool talents. Maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t know what to say … because very little about me is hidden. I just found out ...

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Nail painting tips – the basics

For a ‘ladies night’ at our church, my friend Paula hosted a nail painting party. She prepared a great spread of fruits and veggies and sweets, and we all created our own pizzas. Then we grabbed nail supplies and she gave us tips. Paula’s parents used to own several nail salons, and when she was a teenager she spent the required 600 hours in school to get ...

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