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Memory from the wilderness with Explore Austin

This year I had the fantastic opportunity of working at Explore Austin, a nonprofit that serves teenagers in East Austin through Leadership, Mentoring, and Adventure. For four months I was their office manager, and during that time I was sent on one of their Summer Wilderness Trips in the Hill Country. When I got back, I wrote a short essay for them to include on ...

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Encouraging your husband

This is the kind of wife I want to be ... Nathaniel Hawthorne lost his job at a customhouse and went home to break the news to his wife, Sophia. Rather than the reaction he expected, she was joyous. "Now you can write your book," she told him. Unconvinced, Hawthorne asked her, "And what shall we live on while I am writing it?" Sophia opened a drawer that ...

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Reflections on a birthday … and thinking about babies

Today was my birthday. I’m 27 now. I don’t know at what age people start to feel old. People make a big deal out of 30 … and then 40. Twenty-seven shouldn’t feel old. And I don’t feel old. All I know is that I wasn’t exactly happy to move up one digit. This was the first time in my life that my new age seemed to be worse than my previous one. I liked ...

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Face-to-face matters

Looking directly at a person – face-to-face, one-one-one – matters. Digital connections are great, but there’s nothing like spending an hour sitting across a table with someone, looking into their eyes, and communicating. Let’s get coffee, became a mantra when I was in college. Everyone said it. I didn’t even like coffee at the time. But we all knew we ...

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Best way to meet neighbors

When moving into a new neighborhood – or when someone new moves in next to you – what do you do? Perhaps you enjoy anonymity and prefer not to meet the neighbors. But I enjoy community and have dreams of actually making friends of my neighbors. It is hard to know where to start. I've gone months of living in a new neighborhood without knowing the names of the ...

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