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What Entails A Follower – sermon for Covenant Baptist Church

This month I was invited to preach at my dear friend Kyndall Rae Rothaus's church. Grateful for the opportunity, I got to share a sermon at Covenant Baptist Church in San Antonio while she was away on a retreat. Their church uses the lectionary, and so I preached from Matthew 16:21-28. You may listen to the sermon here:

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Memory from the wilderness with Explore Austin

This year I had the fantastic opportunity of working at Explore Austin, a nonprofit that serves teenagers in East Austin through Leadership, Mentoring, and Adventure. For four months I was their office manager, and during that time I was sent on one of their Summer Wilderness Trips in the Hill Country. When I got back, I wrote a short essay for them to include on ...

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Create a personal growth plan

Everyone has a sphere of influence. All of us are leaders – or, at least, potential leaders. Here is a key to becoming a better leader: leading others well begins with leading yourself well.   How do you lead yourself? You make it a priority to continue growing. Recently I heard a speaker give his thoughts on this topic, and he said he learned all ...

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Some boys are not tough. Some boys do cry.

Some boys are not tough. Some boys do cry. – The words of a six-year old boy in my living room today. I was amazed by this first-grader’s honesty and his grasp that gender stereotypes are wrong. His dad was one of the contractors I hired to work on my house. I brought the boy inside for a few minutes while his dad checked on things. Right away the kid started ...

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When the feelings aren’t there

Today I learned something about love. My pastor started his sermon in a predictable way. Love is more than a feeling. It’s about doing good for another. Yes, yes, I know that, pastor. He read the parable of the Good Samaritan – that man who did not pass by the beat-up, nearly dead guy on the side of the road. The religious people before him had continued to walk ...

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