Coffee or tea?

Posted on August 20, 2013

I don’t know about you, but when I drink coffee, I like it with sugar and cream. I especially like those artificially-sweetened creamers in flavors like snickerdoodle, hazelnut, French vanilla, or pumpkin spice. Yummmm. And the sugar? A spoonful please!

I admire people who drink their coffee black. I just cannot do it. I only learned to like coffee in college. And I had to learn by starting with the extra-sugary lattes and Carmel Macchiatos at Starbucks. Before college, even the smell of coffee turned me off. Now I love the smell of coffee. I can nod my head with understanding when a friend tells me the aroma of coffee gives comfort and makes her feel warm inside.

Aware of the pitfalls of caffeine addiction, I have been careful not to drink coffee every day. There was a period when I drank only decaf to help with this. But then my husband complained. What’s the point of coffee if it’s decaf? Anyway, it doesn’t taste as good! Well, I like a warm sweet drink in the morning. I never drank it for the caffeine. But the decaf purchases had to stop.

It’s always pleasing to hear health experts speak about the nutritional benefits of coffee. Unfortunately, they usually mention that adding sugar and cream to the coffee is not good for you. So what’s a health-conscious girl to do?

This summer, I made this resolution: I will drink one cup of green tea before drinking coffee. Every day. So when I wake up and think about coffee, I must make myself a cup of tea first. I do not prohibit myself from coffee. I just say that tea must come first. Often, after I have a cup or two of tea, I do not crave the coffee anymore. Or I no longer have time to sit and sip it. Green tea is super nutritious. And my taste buds do not require sugar with tea. Of course, sugar in tea makes the cup sweeter, but it’s not a necessity for me like it is for coffee.

I have not followed this resolution to perfection, but most of the time it works. Sometimes I drink black tea instead of green tea. Other times I’m with friends and coffee is the only thing available. All-in-all, though, I believe I have cut down on the amount of sugar and artificially-flavored cream that I would have consumed otherwise. And that, to me, is a success!

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