Consolidate email addresses

Posted on September 23, 2013

Juggling multiple email inboxes is unnecessarily complicated. For the past three years I have handled three different email addresses. And now that I’ve created this website and blog, I have yet another matching email address. Enough is enough!

One address is from my high school days (hotmail account). I added another address during college so that when I signed up for newsletters or business promotions, they all went to this secondary place (gmail account). My seminary gave me an address when I became a Masters student, and I’ve had to use that for school collaboration (Baylor account). Somewhere along the way I started using gmail just as much as hotmail … and sometimes I do school business on gmail as well … and so all the email is jumbled together. And now I think I want to use this blog’s email more.

Today I decided I am tired of my inefficient categorizing of emails and tired of signing on to multiple accounts. However, I do not want to ask my hundreds of email contacts to change my address in their address book. That’s annoying. And they might not do it.

What’s the solution? Fowarding. In the “settings” section of each email account, I was able to specify that I want all emails to be auto-forwarded to my gmail account. I signed into each account and made the rule.

One of my accounts would not allow forwarding. That is okay. Gmail solved this problem with “fetcher” … I gave gmail the account’s information and now gmail will fetch those emails for me.

I also do not want to confuse people by replying to them from an email address that they do not have … and so I was able to make the specification to gmail that I want my “from” address to mirror the address to which the original email was sent.

This process took less than 30 minutes for me to figure out and then complete. I can’t believe I waited so long to do something about it! It is simple to consolidate email addresses.

P.S. If my instructions are not detailed enough and you want to consolidate your own email accounts, here’s a website that you can check out.

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