Don’t let pride get in the way: take your neighbor’s trash

Posted on September 5, 2013

People throw away usable things. Homeless people and young “freegans” have figured that out. They go dumpster diving. I’ve done that before…

Nowadays I don’t actually find the best supermarket dumpster and go out with friends at night to forage. My husband isn’t into that. But last week I did notice a wooden bench on my neighbor’s curb to be picked up by the trash men. I’ve desired a bench for my front yard. This one was free. Sure, it was beat up. Sure, some dog had chewed gashes into the side. But some sanding and a fresh coat of paint could fix those problems.

Some people would be too self conscious to walk down the street carrying a neighbor’s trashed bench. I sometimes wonder if that neighbor has noticed her old bench in my yard. But I don’t really care. I’ve wanted a sitting place, and now I have one. For free.

P.S. Saving other people’s throw-always from the landfill by renewing and repurposing them is not only good for the pocket book, but it’s good for the environment, too.

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