I have Financial Peace

Posted on September 19, 2013

I believe Financial Peace University is one of the most important classes a church should offer to its congregation. It’s a nine-week video series taught by financial expert Dave Ramsey. He helps people set a budget, learn how to communicate about money with family, select insurance, investments, and more.

Of course, teaching your people the good news about Jesus is the most important thing. And we do that every Sunday. But at some point after that, people need to learn how to handle money. God is blessing us with resources. Finances are a BIG part of life. And too many people are squandering it. Too many people are making mistakes out of ignorance. Too many are not reaching their potential.

We can never be as generous as we desire if we make bad money decisions now.

My husband and I took the class in 2009, and within two years we were debt free. We paid off tens of thousands of dollars and have rarely argued about money, thanks to FPU. I’m pumped that we get to help host the class at my church this fall. We’ve hosted the class two other times for past churches and friends. It has been on my mind today because the materials arrived in the mail today. I also spent several hours today at Houston Baptist University’s church fair, talking to college students about my church and giving them information about FPU. I imagine most of them do not want to think about adult money decisions yet, but the sooner they do, the better they will fare!

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