I told the monster to go to … @$#&!

Posted on August 27, 2013

I have a confession. Reading other people’s blogs make me feel like crap. They always have. At first I may appreciate their comments. Laugh at their wit. Think deeply about their words. But then my mind goes to that dark place. Why can’t you be thoughtful like that, Chansin? Why aren’t you living an amazing life like them and then writing about it? And I guess that’s the jealousy monster – or Satan – kicking in. It’s the monster that says that I’m not good enough, that I have nothing to say and never will.

Well, I’ve decided that monster can go to hell. Really. Go… to… hell.

I just said that. My parents wonder why my language has become crasser ever since I went to seminary. C’mon, mom, I’m telling Satan to go there. I think I’m just tired of waiting till things get better or slower or something before I start doing the things I should have begun long ago. Like writing. Like sharing the good things in life I’ve learned. And learning more from others.

So today’s lesson is about telling the monster to shut up and then doing the thing you’ve been putting off. Just take a stab at it. I am. That’s what this blog is about. No matter how many people I end up encouraging through it, I know that I am finally following through with doing the scary, tough thing that has been on my heart.

P.S. One blogger/author who writes a lot about putting your work out there (and making sure it’s quality work) is Seth Godin. He’s a business marketing guru, but I’ve found his work to be motivational in various avenues of life.

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