To make Halloween more fun … require dancing

Posted on November 2, 2013

This tip for Halloween will have to be stored in your memory for next year.

When handing out candy to children who are trick-or-treating, tell them they must dance before they get the sweets. Their reactions are hilarious!

My husband had this bright idea, and he pulled out his iphone to play some bouncy music as the kids approached. We stood outside to make sure the kids did not pass by our house because we had a LOT of candy to pass out.

Did you know that these days lots of kids do not even say “trick or treat” when they approach? I thought that was the ritual! The majority of the kids in my neighborhood just stuck out their bags and looked expectantly at us. Many of them were not even wearing costumes! It blows my mind that kids would not wear costumes and expect to get candy. I thought that was another one of the rituals!

Oh, no way are you getting candy for nothing. You’re not even wearing a costume! You have to dance.

Some of the kids looked at Jason with stunned faces. “If you want candy, first you have to dance!” Mouths open, they stared at him without budging. To get them loose, he and I began dancing around like goofballs. Usually that worked. Many of the little ones needed no urging. They jumped around and shimmied. It was the pre-teens and teenagers that took the most prodding. Jason seriously would not give them candy unless they moved around a bit. He taunted them by showing off our candy bowl. We had GOOD stuff: Reeses, Snickers, Butterfinger…

Some teenagers are way too self-conscious to dance in front of strangers. The embarrassment went so far for a few that they left without candy. One friend would wiggle a foot but the other walked away. I couldn’t believe it.

The little kids, though … the ones that we actually do this candy sharing for because they are so cute in their costumes … nothing held them back. Jumping is the dance move of choice. We got a few to do the sprinkler.

With the dancing, we had a lot more laughing. And hey, the kids worked off a few of the candy calories.

2 Replies to "To make Halloween more fun … require dancing"

  • Emily
    November 2, 2013 (11:12 am)

    This cracks me up! We had maybe one or two not in costume. They just wore black. I’m a pushover with a fear of retaliation, so I just gave them candy without a word. Very clever, Chansin!

  • Aurelia
    November 2, 2013 (9:40 pm)

    Hehe!! I LOVE this story! I was taken aback this Halloween as well! Not only did we hardly have any kids come knock at our door (SO MUCH leftover candy, ugh), but they mostly didn’t say trick or treat! Lyle said at one point “Hey! Not one kid said ‘thank you’!” Not cool. One girl even said “I want skittles! And stuck her hand into my bowl instead of waiting for me to place some candies in her bag. I ended the night thinking about how bratty kids are these days, haha. 😉

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