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Posted on September 7, 2013

Hidden talents. It’s a good conversation question: What is your hidden talent? Most people do not know what to say. I make great oatmeal-raisin cookies. Or I can hold my breath under water for a long time. Those are actually pretty cool talents. Maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t know what to say … because very little about me is hidden.

I just found out that my sister-in-law’s fiancé, Nick Mendoza, is a movie director. And writer. And producer. I had no idea! He works in the tech industry, but apparently it was his long-time desire to create a movie. And so he did.

His movie is called Video Tape Terror, and he promotes it from his website. He sold out of his official VHS release, but he has made more blue-ray and DVD copies. You can also view the movie on amazon instant video. I’m so impressed!

Nick had a desire to tell a story. He started writing in 2010 and began filming in January 2012. He finished the entire process in February 2013. Video Tape Terror a quirky movie that seems to really appeal to others who, like Nick, miss the video store era and loved 80’s and 90’s SOV (shot-on-video) horror films.

I asked him what the toughest part of the process was. He explained that syncing the actors’ schedules proved difficult. For aspiring movie-creators, he gave the advice to do something you can manage. His movie is “anthology-based” which means it has a couple of stories within in and then a wrap-around story that brings it all together. He decided to do it this way because he knew he could shoot each story in a few weekends and then be finished with that particular crew … which was good in case they couldn’t come back.

Interestingly, he has had lots of customers from Mexico, a few from South America, and several from the U.K. I’m amazed at how the internet connects people all over the world. And right now, I’m even more amazed that Nick had this hidden talent of movie-making. Way to go, Nick!

Do you want to pick his brain about the process of making movies? Connect with Nick on facebook.

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