Printing a personal business card for the first time

Posted on October 3, 2013

I’ve never had a business card before. The jobs I’ve held have never printed one for me. But I’m now at a point in life where people are constantly giving me their cards and I wanted something to hand to them as well.

I researched for several hours about where to buy these cards and what to put on them. My objective: Not spend a lot of money. But get a card that still look nice.

I narrowed it down to two websites. But then I couldn’t decide. And they were both so cheap! So I got them both. If you’re thinking about printing a personal business card, then you can see what I did, and decide for yourself.

First card:

card side 1 card side 2

Create an page and you automatically get 50 free cards through that website from Just pay $5.50 for shipping. (I used my computer’s scanner to display these cards, so the image here is a little less sharp.)


Second card:

vistaprint business card

For $10 you can get 250 cards from That’s a great deal! This website has A LOT of options. It is somewhat overwhelming. I opted for a one-sided card. It’s cheaper, and it’s more conducive to jotting down notes on the back. I don’t know if anyone will ever want to write notes about me on the card after they meet me, but I do that on other people’s cards.


My analysis:

The card is my favorite. I like its design best plus the card stock is thicker. It’s too bad “” is printed on the card, but that’s the price you pay for getting free cards. I put the moo logo on the side of the card in a spot that I felt was less conspicuous. I might have liked the vistaprint card better if I had chosen a different design, but the cardstock would be the same quality. Vistaprint, by the way, gives options to upgrade the cardstock. But I didn’t want to pay for it. That’s your decision. I believe both cards arrive in the mail within a week.

What to put on the card:

That’s a personal decision. Putting my website on the card was the most important thing to me. People can get in touch with me through this website. I did not put an address on the card because I move too much. And I put the words “minister” and “writer” because those are two important roles in my life.


P.S. Here’s a shout-out to my brother … he turns THIRTY YEARS OLD today! Happy Birthday, Austin.


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