Save money: check out movies from the library

Posted on August 23, 2013

Who would’ve thought you could get dvds and blu-rays from the library? When I got married and moved to Brownsville, Texas I was stunned with how many great blu-rays were available. Many of them were recently released, too! The movie shelves were at the front of the library. There was no missing it. I wondered if their great selection of digital content maybe said something about the library’s priorities or about Brownsville’s literacy rate. One would think that educational books should be the focus of a library. But I’m not complaining!

Sure, you can check out a brand new movie from Redbox for only $1.20 (dvd) or $1.50 (blue-ray) per day. But why not enjoy a free movie or two? Depending on your particular library’s policies, you can keep the movie for a week or more. My current library allows you to take as many movies as you’d like, and you can hold on to them for three weeks. Amazing!

Granted, the selection varies widely from library to library. Brownsville is the only place I’ve seen blu-ray. And my current library has mostly older movies. But it has been fun for me to see the movies I missed from long ago. Right now we have Fried Green Tomatoes and The Preacher’s Wife. Earlier in the summer, when we lived in Waco, my husband rented the 2009 Star Trek movie from Redbox so that I could remember it before seeing the sequel in theaters. Two days later when I was at the library, guess what movie I saw on the shelf? Yep, Star Trek. Could have saved that dollar. Lesson learned. Check out your library’s stash. Chances are there’s a slew of free entertainment there awaiting you.

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