“Surrender” – a Poem

Posted on January 24, 2014
The pirate God yells 
To frantic me
On my little canoe
With nothing but closed fists for protection
Against the towering boat above.
My hopes to reach my dreams, 
An island paradise, dashed
With my boat sinking, insufficient to get me there
Sinking from every self-doubt I poked through it
He calls again
Looking all fierce and untame
But what if he doesn’t go the direction I want?
I wonder, as the water seeps in, pooling at my feet.
I had followed the course laid out towards success
But now I’m sinking
With an intruder
Telling me to give him all I’ve got
Finger pointing, calling to me
I’m scared and unsure
Unable to help myself.
So I stand in the wet canoe
Accepting my fate 
Knowing at least I’ll be dry
Even if we don’t go where
I thought I should.

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