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Tour of a Thrifty, Whimsical Home

My friends Molly and Patrick Lockwood are the epitome of thrift. They are Christian musicians who reside in Nashville. For the past four years they lived "in community" - in a large 2,500 square-foot house with anywhere from six to eleven total people. This economical way of living taught them many lessons about patience and kindness and cooperation. Fifteen ...

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Printing a personal business card for the first time

I’ve never had a business card before. The jobs I’ve held have never printed one for me. But I’m now at a point in life where people are constantly giving me their cards and I wanted something to hand to them as well. I researched for several hours about where to buy these cards and what to put on them. My objective: Not spend a lot of money. But get a card ...

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My favorite place to study and work

Panera Bread warms my heart. From town to town, it has been my favorite place to study and work. What I love about it: Free coffee refills Free wifi Iced sugar cookies and cinnamon crunch bagels Creamy tomato soup and Black bean soup Outlets to plug in my devices MyPanera membership periodically giving free food items A relaxed atmosphere Pretty ...

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Don’t let pride get in the way: take your neighbor’s trash

People throw away usable things. Homeless people and young "freegans" have figured that out. They go dumpster diving. I've done that before... Nowadays I don't actually find the best supermarket dumpster and go out with friends at night to forage. My husband isn't into that. But last week I did notice a wooden bench on my neighbor's curb to be picked up by the ...

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