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Lessons from a monastery: Part II… counter-cultural life

The monastic way gave me living examples that it is possible to live counter-culturally through an abandonment of society’s values and a yearning for the spiritual life. In this world, where ...

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Lessons from a monastery: Part I… one’s life can become a prayer

The monastic way taught me that one’s very life can become a prayer. In most American Christian homes, children are taught to pray by beginning with “Dear Heavenly Father.” Then they talk to God for a few minutes, maybe to ask for something they need and to thank God for something they have. They are told to finish by saying, “In Jesus’ name, Amen.” ...

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Lessons from a monastery: Introduction

The valley is silent, except for my feet, which are crunching the dirt underneath. I walk up the road. Red marbled rock cliffs tower to the right and to the left, just beyond the softly flowing river. At 8,000-foot elevation, the air is thin, but it is clean and crisp. I suck it in, walk, and then ... a bell. The church bell. It clangs in the distance. A call to ...

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