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Tour of a Thrifty, Whimsical Home

My friends Molly and Patrick Lockwood are the epitome of thrift. They are Christian musicians who reside in Nashville. For the past four years they lived "in community" - in a large 2,500 square-foot house with anywhere from six to eleven total people. This economical way of living taught them many lessons about patience and kindness and cooperation. Fifteen ...

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No one should eat alone on Sundays

 It's not fun to eat alone. When I went to college, I moved far from home to a school where I knew no one. Freshmen were required to buy a cafeteria meal plan, and I made a personal vow: Never eat alone. The result was that I had to be bold. If my classmates or roommate didn't eat with me, that meant I had to take my tray and approach someone at a table. ...

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Tips for selling your house

Want to know what it takes to sell your house the first day it goes on the market? Would it thrill you to get three offers on that first day? How would you feel if two of those offers were with cash? And if one of those cash offers said they would forego getting an inspection done on the house ... they wanted it that much? I wish I could tell you. Really, I wish I ...

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Easy Party Appetizer: Cream Cheese and Spicy Jelly Cracker Dip

My in-laws' party appetizer of choice this past month was so simple but tasty I had to share it. We had it three times in the course of a week, and I still haven't tired of it. If you are looking for an extra item to serve at your New Year's Eve party, consider Cream Cheese and Spicy Jelly Cracker Dip. All you do is unwrap a block of cream cheese, set it on a ...

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Rice and Beans recipes … the amazingly delicious Puerto Rican way

Rice and beans are staple foods among most people groups around the world. The different varieties and various flavorings make them versatile side dishes. Financial planner Dave Ramsey jokes about how the only foods you get to eat when you're working to get out of debt are rice and beans, beans and rice. But if everyone made these two dishes the way my friend, Irma, ...

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Don’t water the lawn at night

I’m new to lawn maintenance. One reason I enjoyed being an apartment-dweller and renter was that I didn’t have to take care of grass. Lawn care was provided by the landlord in the two houses we’ve rented. But now we’re living in our own house, and I noticed the lawn is looking a little parched. I usually wouldn’t care very much and would let it die or go ...

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