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Green Smoothies – the why and the what

I drink green smoothies. Everyday or every other day, you can bet that I’m throwing a ton of vegetables into a blender and whipping up a green concoction. People usually wrinkle their noses at me when they see it. I’ll be honest. I drink them because they’re good for me. Not because they taste wonderful. But they’re not all bad. You get used to ...

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Recipes for a fancy meal … Lamb with a side of Brussel Sprouts, Bacon, and Apples

Phuc and Paula Luu know how to host a dinner party. They have made it onto my blog several times for their delicious food and fun times. The following is part of a dinner menu that is definitely worth sharing. The lamb recipe is simple and tasty - and it impresses guests! The side dish was also a fantastic combination that I would never have thought to try. Phuc let ...

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Easy Party Appetizer: Cream Cheese and Spicy Jelly Cracker Dip

My in-laws' party appetizer of choice this past month was so simple but tasty I had to share it. We had it three times in the course of a week, and I still haven't tired of it. If you are looking for an extra item to serve at your New Year's Eve party, consider Cream Cheese and Spicy Jelly Cracker Dip. All you do is unwrap a block of cream cheese, set it on a ...

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Cantonese-Style Crab Recipe

Our friend, Phuc Luu, recently taught us how to cook crab. Crabs are usually a special treat because they are fairly expensive to buy at the restaurant. Making them at home cuts the cost down quite a bit. But having never personally seen how they were cooked, we have never tried. Turns out it is not so difficult! Phuc let us into his kitchen and taught us a special ...

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What I eat for breakfast

I’m a sucker for breakfast food. I wish I could eat it at every meal. When on vacation, I love finding the best local breakfast restaurant. Breakfast food makes me so happy that I sometimes become one of those people who take pictures of their plate to share with friends and family. (My brothers make fun of me for this.) Why do I love it so? I've thought ...

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Recipe for Porcupine Meatballs

Porcupine meatballs are a simple, tasty, and filling dish. They are excellent for freezing for later. And they are great if you’ve got a family to feed and you’re on a tight budget. This was a favored dish of my husband when he was growing up. My mother-in-law decided that since I am living near her now I should learn some of her tried-an-true recipes. I’m ...

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