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“Surrender” – a Poem

Surrender! The pirate God yells To frantic meOn my little canoeWith nothing but closed fists for protectionAgainst the towering boat above.My hopes to reach my dreams, An island paradise, dashedWith my boat sinking, insufficient to get me thereSinking from every self-doubt I poked through it Surrender!He calls againLooking all fierce and untameBut what if he ...

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Poetry reading circle

My experience in English class in high school made me wary of poetry. We had to study poetry in order to take the AP English exam, and the way we talked about it in class confounded me.  Basically, we read old poetry that didn't make a lot of sense to me and we were required to write essays about the meaning of it. The kicker was that the student who came up ...

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A word of caution for your grandmothers around finals time

Hey college and graduate students! Finals are fast approaching. And I have a word of warning for your grandmothers. Tell them to take care. Did you know that there is a sudden increase of deaths among students’ relatives at the end of the semester? After years of observation, many professors will attest to this. One professor said that in an average semester, ...

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Create a personal growth plan

Everyone has a sphere of influence. All of us are leaders – or, at least, potential leaders. Here is a key to becoming a better leader: leading others well begins with leading yourself well.   How do you lead yourself? You make it a priority to continue growing. Recently I heard a speaker give his thoughts on this topic, and he said he learned all ...

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When the feelings aren’t there

Today I learned something about love. My pastor started his sermon in a predictable way. Love is more than a feeling. It’s about doing good for another. Yes, yes, I know that, pastor. He read the parable of the Good Samaritan – that man who did not pass by the beat-up, nearly dead guy on the side of the road. The religious people before him had continued to walk ...

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